Le XV du President 2008

Presidente XV 2008This is not, at first, an easy to drink wine. The XV in the name refers to the alcohol percentage and it shows. I concur with the label description of “powerful”.

Once poured the wine has a rich and fruity aroma, but with a sourness that brings to mind raspberries. For such a strong wine it is thin bodied, but there’s still clinging to the glass (and later, the mouth).

The initial taste has a sharpness to it. The flavours are not strong and are dominated by the tannin and the alcohol. It almost evaporates in the mouth, not quite to the point of a brandy, but it is noticeable. There’s very little aftertaste, which makes it surprisingly easy to quaff. The expected weight just doesn’t arrive.

Not bad, but seems to be dominated by the alcohol.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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