Pillastro Primitivo Negroamaro 2007

A fantastic wine and highly recommended this is deserving of the popularity it sustains and is one of my personal favourites. This is from the Puglia region of Italy.

With a dark appearance and medium body the delight really comes with the aroma – powerful fruits with blackcurrant in particular are present without dominating; the overall impression is of smoothness and balance.

On the palate those same tones of fruit along with nice hints of spice. Again, nothing dominates, but the flavours are balanced. Unlike some oak aged wines, the wooden barrels provide subtle notes that go well with the fruitiness.

This would go exceptionally well with roasted lamb, but other red meats would complement it well. Away from the meat, tomato based dishes with garlic and herbs will also work well.

Rating: ★★★★½

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  1. Aron Lifschultz says:

    Can I buy 6 bottles of this wine

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